Announcement: DripVerse Platform Pre-Alpha Release

Announcements Dec 20, 2022

Since we started working on the idea of DripVerse, it's been quite sometime trying to figure out the right kind of architecture, supported platforms and features to get started with. After a lot of experimentation and different directions that we explored, we're glad to have agreed on an approach that would best serve the web3 dev community.

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DripVerse | Powering the CyberSpace

We announced the same on twitter a while ago:

Token Gating Utility

We started with Smart NFTs to add actions to NFTs making them more useful and in turn valuable. Add any utility to the existing NFTs or create new NFTs with special utilities for your own use-case. The first utility we started is Token-Gating, called as Gatekeeper.

Token-Gating using DripVerse

Our core still being the DripVerse SDK in JavaScript which is now available to be used on Polygon Testnet. Follow this Quick Start Guide in case you are thinking of starting right now.


As you've already noticed, our docs portal doesn't just contain documentation but also explanation of concepts, roadmaps, releases details and more. So, we can't really call it docs or wiki, and had to go with a much more broader name as library.

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