DripVerse x Polygon Smart NFT campaign is now LIVE

Unleash the power of DripVerse on Polygon: A journey beyond NFTs!

Announcements Sep 29, 2023

To celebrate the integration of DripVerse on Polygon, DripVerse is excited to announce the launch of an exciting Utility NFT(uNFT) campaign that demonstrates a better utilization aspect of legacy NFTs that so far been limited to specific set of uses cases likes of PFP NFTs, digital collectibles, avatars on social media, etc.  

Steps to participate

Step 1: TaskOn

  1. Navigate to the campaign page on TaskOn: https://taskon.xyz/space/475198
  2. Connect your wallet and start completing the tasks

Help reference materials:

Step 2: Once on the DripVerse campaign page via TaskOn

  1. Switch to Polygon Mainnet (if not already), and mint the NFT
  2. After you've minted your NFT, you'll gain access to a secret utility link at the bottom of NFT. Click on it, and you'll be transported to a world of surprises

    Incase, don't know how to connect to Polygon Mainnet, refer here for a step by step guide here

Note: For any additional assistance, reach out to us on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/mCVFhmbQvw

Five random winners who complete all the tasks successfully will be receiving $20 each in $MATIC.

This campaign is an opportunity to experience NFTs in a whole new light to create something truly remarkable.

Follow the steps outlined above, and you could be one of the fortunate explorers.

Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to join our Discord channel for the latest news, communication, and support.

About DripVerse
DripVerse Protocol is on a mission to elevate the Web3 developer ecosystem by enhancing tools and infrastructure, starting with the post-mint experience. With an unwavering focus on empowering creators and builders, DripVerse offers the DripVerse SDK, enabling developers to create products, NFTs, and utilities with ease. The DripVerse Platform complements this effort by providing a no-code interface that simplifies the creation, management, and distribution of NFTs. By enhancing the developer experience, DripVerse is contributing to the growth and evolution of the NFT landscape.

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