Announcement: DripVerse Platform Pre-Alpha Mainnet Release

Announcements Jan 23, 2023

We so excited to announce the release of our DripVerse Platform on Polygon Mainnet Today!

DripVerse Platform is a here to revolutionise the post-mint experience for creators. You can currently Mint, Transfer and add Token Gating Utility, or as we call it, Gatekeeper.

Our team has worked hard to develop a product that will make NFT experience more convenient than ever before. We're henceforth inviting developers to try out DripVerse Protocol SDK that also powers the DripVerse Platform and build your next NFT Project with ease.

DripVerse Protocol SDK is available to be used on Polygon Mainnet and Testnet(Mumbai) both.

Let's talk about the changes and updates since the Testnet Release.
First, you get a brand new BUIDL Dashboard.

You can get started with minting NFTs on Polygon or if you've already minted, you can drop to your audience as well. Currently, drop feature is available to NFTs minted using DripVerse Protocol only.

We also have had the awesome Unstoppable Domains Login integrated. So, you can sign-in using your domain name directly.

On you're profile page, you will be able to see various tabs as bellow:

NFTs are all the NFTs owned by you. Claimable will have any NFTs that's allocated to you but you've not claimed yet. Utilities will show all the different utility usages you'd have integrated in your NFTs.

You can only integrate utilities to those NFTs which you own.

Next you'll the above shown cards which shows a score based on your activity on the platform.
The Creator Score is a measure of your creativity and can be increased with more NFTs that you mint.
The Collector Score is a measure of your love for collectibles.
Finally, Developer Score is a measure of the Builder within you.
Of course this scoring algorithm will be discussed on a separate post and is currently under-going changes.

An Updated Interactive Roadmap with detailed feature per release in now available in the DripVerse Library.

That's all the updates from the platform. More updates coming soon in coming weeks.

Cheers! 🥂

As Always, Stay Updated:
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