DripVerse partners with Zuraverse

DripVerse partners with Zuraverse to alleviate sustainability focussed gaming experience

Partnerships Sep 1, 2023

DripVerse is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Zuraverse, the leading provider of innovative and wholistic PEC (Play-Earn-Conserve) gaming experience with planet sustainability at its core. DripVerse aims to be an active participant in this novel approach and hence joins hands with Zurvarse in co-building a sustainable gaming experience for their users!

Key elements of collaboration:

Co-building tech infrastructure:

DripVerse will bring it’s technical expertise in Smart NFT (sNFT) infrastructure & scaling solutions to help and collectively co-build a robust and scalable ecosystem with Zuraverse that would enable them deliver a seamless experience to it’s users

Deep market penetration and community expansion:

Zuraverse will have access to large community base of DripVerse that would enable them access larger user base and new consumer segment which in turn would help them with deeper penetration and greater impact

Co-marketing and distribution:

DripVerse will timely sync with Zuraverse to design co-marketing and incentive structures. Additionally, it will also be offering its large community base to Zuraverse which they can leverage as a distribution channel

About Zuraverse
Zuraverse presents a revolutionary Play-Earn-Conserve (PEC) model of gaming that resonates with both entertainment and environmental responsibility. Players within the Zuraverse ecosystem have the opportunity to not only engage in captivating multiplayer games but also contribute to conservation efforts. By using the platform's main utility token, $ZURA, gamers can earn economic incentives while actively participating in activities that promote nature conservation. This unique approach makes Zuraverse a metaverse with a conscience—a space where virtual experiences translate into real-world impact.

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About DripVerse
DripVerse Protocol is on a mission to elevate the Web3 developer ecosystem by enhancing tools and infrastructure, starting with the post-mint experience. With an unwavering focus on empowering creators and builders, DripVerse offers the DripVerse SDK, enabling developers to create products, NFTs, and utilities with ease. The DripVerse Platform complements this effort by providing a no-code interface that simplifies the creation, management, and distribution of NFTs. By enhancing the developer experience, DripVerse is contributing to the growth and evolution of the NFT landscape.

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